About Bill

Providing for my family:
As a child from a poor inner city family, I was motivated to work hard and achieve. I pledged to myself that I would do the best job possible taking care of my family's needs. This drive was reinforced by my caring mother, who would encouraged me to be the best I could be, to always have integrity, and to be the nicest person possible. I am grateful to her for this. So, I really feel motivated to help others achieve and succeed, as I was encouraged to do for myself. I will bring a relentless determination to achieve good things in Washington for the people of the 8th district, and this great nation. There are problems in Washington and I am eager to pursue solutions. I will be extremely proactive, doing whatever I have to, in order to effect positive outcomes for the people of our district and the nation as a whole.

I don’t mind spending money but I want to get something of value for it. Though my family and I take trips to the Caribbean islands almost yearly, the fun we have, we've earned. These family vacations are a reward for working hard all year long, the kids getting great grades, Mrs. Burke running the house, and I running the business. However, I completely understand and believe in the need to be frugal, wise, and responsible with our money. I often think of my old Irish immigrant grandmother who would use the same teabag two or three times. I've never lost sight of the fact that far too many people have come before us, and worked so hard for us. I will always have a deep respect and appreciation for this. Disregarding the effect of overspending on our children’s fiscal future is not an option. I pledge not to squander the people’s money on anything that’s not necessary. When we spend on deserving people and programs that’s our obligation but, spending on the unnecessary or undeserving... No! I can not and will not support that.

I feel entirely responsible for my actions and have conducted myself accordingly throughout my life. I never want to be involved in any kind of shady activity in Washington. My job as your congressman in Washington will be to work for your best interests, the people of the 8th district. You will see the evidence of my sincerity by my campaign funds account being empty. If someone wants to buy me a few signs or donate time or do a mailing for my campaign thank you, but no money ever. Money is corruption and I will have nothing to do with it. My job is the people's business and I will be satisfied with my paycheck alone.

The above is some insight as to the internal workings of Bill Burke. If you would like a conversation with me call: 617­602­8104 peace love and harmony.