National Debt

On the right track

What I’ll Do . . .

    • Stop needless spending, Introduce spending reduction bills that everyone can agree on
    • Raise taxes on the super-rich, we have to pay for the problem somehow and cuts alone will not do it.
    • Work with Sen. Elizabeth Warren to create and pass bi-partisan bills to rein in Wall Street’s bad practices.
    • Be on the side of the planet for every environmental hazard that it may face.
    • Advocate for our high school children, seeking a more work-skill based curriculum in every school.
    • Get an increase in social security for the elderly, and decrease social security benefits for elderly millionaires.
    • Oust legislators who refuse to do the people’s work. Hold Washington accountable.
    • Introduce legislation to not allow anyone other than a primary care doctor to prescribe opioids for patients.
    • End foreign aid as much as possible, give it to our bankrupt cities instead.
    • Pay my respects to the many who gave their lives for my freedom. Visit Arlington National Cemetery, The Vietnam, Korean, WWI, and WWII memorials. Visit Walter Reed.Advocate for a Middle East War Memorial.
    • Use the incredible resources provided to legislators to make a difference.
    • Stop non-citizens from collecting welfare benefits.