Bill believes that education is a key pillar of our society and a fundamental obligation to our children. Our educational system must give all American children the knowledge and skills they need to prosper. Bill will support policies that allow decisions about education to be made by America’s parents and communities instead of by unaccountable Washington politicians and bureaucrats.


Bill is committed to supporting policies that will strengthen the economy and improve the quality of life in America. The free market is the engine that drives American prosperity. Our economic growth has been held back by misguided government policies that discourage competition and innovation and put American companies at a disadvantage in the global market. Bill will eliminate burdensome and unnecessary regulations that slow growth, destroy jobs, and unfairly favor large corporations at the expense of small businesses and family farms. Bill will vote to end government programs that distort the market and reward failure.


The ever-expanding federal government must be placed back on a sustainable path. Bill is committed to returning to Constitutionally-limited government and will only support spending that is necessary for government to perform its legitimate duties and fulfill its obligations. Bill will stand up against wasteful Washington spending and reduce the burden of debt that will be passed on to the next generation.


We must honor the commitments we have made to retirees. Bill will work to rein in reckless federal spending and reduce the out-of-control federal debt that endangers the future of Social Security. Bill will tirelessly fight to save, strengthen, and simplify Social Security and Medicare.


Our health care market has been distorted by government mandates and misguided tax policies that lead to inefficiency and waste. We must immediately repeal Obamacare. Bill will support free-market reforms and will always work toward patient-centered solutions. We must honor the commitments we have made to our seniors. Bill will relentlessly fight to safeguard Medicare.


The right to life is the most fundamental of individual rights and the protection of life is a core function of government, Bill believes life begins at conception and will work to protect innocent life. Bill will never support the use of government funds to pay for abortions. However Bill acknowledges also that these unfortunate first trimester abortions will be sought by many woman and in turn will not take the offensive to undermine that.


Providing a strong national defense is a core responsibility of the federal government. We must ensure that the military has the funding it needs to defend the US against any foreign threat. Bill will always support necessary defense spending while seeking to eliminate inefficiency and waste. Only Congress has Constitutional authority to declare war and commit our troops. Bill will never allow the Executive branch to usurp the role of Congress in deciding when America goes to war. Bill will vote to keep the US from being involved in foreign disputes in which we have no vital interest and will never allow the international community or the UN to stand in the way of America’s vital interests. Secure borders are a vital component of national defense, and US immigration policy isn’t working. Bill will respect the rule of law while making much-needed reforms to immigration policy. We must honor our commitments to military personnel and veterans. Bill will ensure that we uphold our obligations to those who sacrifice to defend our freedom and will never put American military personnel in harm’s way without a clear threat to our national security.


The US Constitution ensures that “the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” Bill will always vote to defend the right of law-abiding Americans to own firearms.


We must streamline our overly-complex tax policy which needlessly burdens taxpayers and small businesses. Bill will support reforms that simplify the tax code and protect American taxpayers from unaccountable bureaucrats. Our existing tax policy is rife with politically-motivated loopholes that distort the free market, lower productivity and reduce our standard of living. We must eliminate tax exceptions for well-connected special interests while providing much-needed tax relief for hard-working Americans. Bill will champion tax reforms that allow our companies to compete, create American jobs and ensure fair and predictable tax treatment for all Americans.